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    Ligget & Myers Tobacco Company Chesterfield Cigarettes Gilrs Purse/Hand Bag Mint condition (comes in black, red, or brown) $200.00 each
Mattel Circus Hurdy Gurdy No. 419 Played London Bridge Musical arrangement by:
Ted Duncan S.C.A.,A.S.M.S. 1950's These are M.I.B. but the music no longer plays. $65.00 a piece
jaguar_sports_car.jpg   jollyjack_musicbox.jpg
Andy Gard Jaguar Sports Car No.140 "Battery Operated/Remote Control" "Real Glowing Lights" (only two left) M.I.B. $450.00 each   Mattel Jolly Jack In The Box Music Box 1952 No. 461
$65.00 M.I.B. but may not play msic
log_timbers.jpg   mg_sports_car.jpg
Northern Reversible Log-Timbers with wheels Pre-Lincoln Logs sets M.I.B. first come...$150.00   Andy Gard M G Sports Car No.141"BatteryOperated/Remote Control""Real Glowing Lights" (only two left)M.I.B. $450.00 each
    Automatic Toy Company Space Rocket Ship No.306
"Shoots Sparks As It Speeds Along...Friction Motor,
Sparks, Siren
M.I.B. (wheels dry rotted) $300.00 each (only 2 left)
    Beautiful Wood Boat Battery Operated No. JIS-8001
"Export Standard" (Only 3 left in box) SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
    Mattel Tricky Trolly 1952 No.457 M.I.B. $95.00

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