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Tea_time_dishes.jpg (25612 bytes)   Bird_LongLegs.jpg (9815 bytes)
Plastic Art Tea-Time Dishes, 1940's---$20.00   OJ. #5094 "Stork" Celluoid---$15.00
Bronco_Rider.jpg (106836 bytes)   rocking_horse.jpg (128780 bytes)
Gong Bell: #304 "Bronco-Rider"  Strong steel and wood.  Bell rings as rider goes up and down.  Lithographed horse head. 203/4" long x 143/4" wide x 20"high---$150.00   #303 Rocking Horse   Strong Steel and wood construction with bells and reins.  Bell rings.  28"long  overall, 13"wide, 173/4" high.  45lbs approx.  Easy assembly.
electric_range.jpg (33499 bytes)   G_Man_Siren.jpg (25404 bytes)
Ohio Art: #1632 "Little Chef Electric Range"  Utensils Included---$125.00   Courtland G Man Siren Pocket Type Signal, 1950's---$50.00
Cigar.jpg (12751 bytes)   hobby_chime.jpg (30000 bytes)
Japan Havana Cigar Water, 1950's---$1.00   Gong Bell: #36 "Hobby Chime" Large hobby horse attached to floor chime.  Extra strong steel wheels. Jingle bell on reins.  281/2 long x 61/4 wide x 63/4" high.---$65.00
Indian_in_Canoe.jpg (18108 bytes)   JackandJill.jpg (20091 bytes)
Japan: #5809 "Indian in canoe"  Hand made and painted.---$5.00   Alladin: #711 "Jack and Jill Talking Toy".  Wind up. 1952----$10.00
LCT_UnBreakable_LCT.jpg (18662 bytes)   Miniture_Lamp.jpg (11968 bytes)
Eldon: #957 "LCT UnBreakable Landing Craft"---$35.00   Brin Mfg:  #700  Miniture Electric Lamp, with switch on and off---$5.00
pacifier.jpg (7733 bytes)   Drummer.jpg (17372 bytes)
OJ  "Baby Rattle" Celluoid---$10.00     Metal Drum with wood stick, 1940's---$10.00
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Mattel, #699, "Candy Carousel" toy merry-go-round, turns, music plays and assorted hard candy..Litho Music box and canopy  1951, $15.00

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