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Fort Comanche Playset, #747, Metal and plastic stockade, gateway w/3 block houses, metal HQ bldg., stable, soft plastic cowboys, indians, horses, western figures, army wagon w/ moving horses, cannons which shoot bullets, riding figures swivel on horses.....1957.......300.00   Palmer Plastic  Turbo Super Gyro,  Goes up and down, spins and twists....Sold-Out
knightsword.jpg (44703 bytes)   royrogerlantern.jpg (46052 bytes)
Mattel, #511, "Royal Knight Dagger and Scabard" King-size jeweled super-safe dagger, flexible blade, metal scabard....1955.....$45.00   Ohio Art #90, "Roy Roger Ranch Lantern", metal w/battery....1956....$400.00
spaceman.jpg (43723 bytes)    
Archer, #100, "Space Men" Plastic, 24 pieces in box...1952....$250.00    
watches.jpg (38208 bytes)   maverick.jpg (81763 bytes)
Watches...$75.00 Card  

Maverick Paint-By-Numbers set, No. 2294, $125.00

lonerangerwatch.jpg (58183 bytes)   tarzanmug.jpg (74040 bytes)
Lone Ranger, $95.00 Aladdin Tarzan, $25.00...Sold Out
dragonbox.jpg (146199 bytes)   strawberrywatch.jpg (129781 bytes)
Pete's Dragon Lunch Box and thermos, $45.00 Strawberry Shortcake, $75.00
poodlepurse.jpg (71251 bytes)   donnymarie.jpg (73201 bytes)
Poodle Lunch box and thermos, $30.00...Sold Out Donnie and Marie Lunch box and thermos, $75.00
bob_a_lot.jpg (61548 bytes)   its_about_time.jpg (130513 bytes)
Bob-A-Loop, MIB, $10.00 It's About Time lunch box and thermos, $65.00...Sold Out
strawberrybox.jpg (121466 bytes)    
Strawberry Shortcake lunch box and thermos, 1981, $60.00  

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