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big_horn.jpg   buc_a_roo.jpg
Kilgore Bighorn Cap Pistol No. 217 M.I.B. $325.00   Kilgore Buc-A-Roo Cap Pistol No. 24 M.I.B. $175.00
cowpoke.jpg   pioneer_pistol.jpg
Hubley Cowpoke Cap Pistol No.231 R Mint on Card $195.00   Hubley Pioneer Pistol No.260
M.I.B. $300.00
deluxe_automatic.jpg   dick.jpg
Hubley Automatic Deluxe No. 291 "Gold Plated" Repeating Pistol Very RARE!!! Collector's edition. M.I.B. $650.00   Hubley Dick No.4210
These cap pistols were sold on different cards in different years (no dates on card).
Mint on card...............$45
dick2.jpg   dick3.jpg
Hubley Dick No.4210
These cap pistols were sold on different cards in different years (no dates on card).
Mint on card...............$55
  Hubley Dick No.2102 (Hubley gave this one a differnet Model # but it is the same gun)
These cap pistols were sold on different cards in different years (no dates on card).Mint on card...............$45
sparkling_space_gun.jpg   Hubley Dagger Derringer
Mausan - San - Made in Japan 1940' or 50's Tin Space Gun
  Hubley Dagger Derringer #253 Mint on Card Beautiful and RARE! $195.00
Rifel   texan_cap_pistol.jpg
Nichols Spitfire Holster Set By McKinnon #700 (Leather Holster) M.I.B.- VERY RARE --$175.00 or Spitfire with plastic holster $55.00   Hubley Cartridge Clips with Cartridges No.177
"for use with Hubley Texan 38"
One Dozen clips per DISPLAY BOX!!$25.00 per clip
$325.00 for whole Display Box M.I.B.
Smoke Ring Space Gun
Collectible Toys
NU-AGE Smoke Ring Gun with striker and smoke pellets $450.00 (M.I.B. Boxes show age wear...vary from mint to good first come first serve)   Nu-Age Smoke Ring Gun Smoke Pellets Rare Green Covers!!! $200.00 per box of 48, $20.00 per book of individual pellets
FarWest_Ranger.jpg (31416 bytes)   luger.jpg (17639 bytes)
Asmaco: #221 "Far-West Ranger Holster Set" 1940's--- $150.00   Luger Water Gun LU-98--- $35.00
pistol.jpg (11063 bytes)   powr_pop_pistol.jpg (28047 bytes)
#677 Irwin Clicker Gun Plastic 1952----$10.00   Papperette Wis": #450 "Pow'r Pop Pistol" Cork Bullets Included, 1949 Metal---$60.00
usamachinegun.jpg (21052 bytes)   2n1gun.jpg (54663 bytes)
#950 Maco:  USA Machine Gun, Shoots harmless pellets, 1952---$95.00  

#252 Hubley:  2 in 1 Gun, Nickel with simulated white bone handle.  Two interchangeable barrels..., 1958---$145.00. (Sealed cartons available call for price)

automaticgun.jpg (51798 bytes)   bulletloadinggun.jpg (43319 bytes)

#290 Hubley:  Automatic, Nickel with stag handle.  Barrel slides back and magazine pops for loading, 1958---$425.00

#543 Mattel, "Fanner 50 Bullet Loading Cap Pistol"  Fanning gun of Old West w/ bullet loading action, rapid for 50 perforated roll caps, barrel smokes, action hammer 1958---ONLY TWO LEFT $800.00...
qcoltautomatic.jpg (66384 bytes)   cosmicraygun.jpg (18794 bytes)
#242 Hubley, "Colt Automatic Gun" Single Shot, Miniture, Crome, black griper, removable bullet, clip, 1960---$90.00 Ranger Steel, #249 "Cosmic Ray Gun" plastic, shoots sparks using flint...1954  $115.00
deputypistol.jpg (47563 bytes)   detectivegun.jpg (71246 bytes)
Hubley #254 "Deputy Pistol" Metal Gun, Plastic Badge...1958   $175.00 Detective Special, Hubley, #241 "Colt Miniture Detective"  Single Shot, Chrome, Black Handles, removal cylinder..1959...$90.00
dragnetgun.jpg (49715 bytes)   flintpistol.jpg (29679 bytes)
#639 Dragnet Gun...1956   $250.00 Dragnet Badge available @ $55.00/each Hubley, "FlintLock Pistol"  #203...1955   $65.00
jrcowboygun.jpg (44175 bytes)   jrshot.jpg (52668 bytes)
Cowboy Jr. Cap Pistol...Hubley  #255, Repeating 50 shots,...1950's....$265.00 Hubley, #250R,"Texan Jr" Nickel finished, simulate pearl handle with cameo black bull head. Engraved stock barrel, loads easy and shoots smoke....1961....$250.00 AND #4250 Texan Jr.(1960's/1970's) Mint on
mountiegun.jpg (39916 bytes)   paintgun.jpg (31278 bytes)
Hubley, #251R, "Mountie Gun," Nickel finish, handle integral with barrel, highly engraved, Press lever in front of trigger guard loading chamber pops up.....1958...$70.00 Nichols #71CR "Paint Pistol" Plastic and metal...1960...$59.00
remmingtongun.jpg (59723 bytes)   repeatingcappistol.jpg (40170 bytes)
Hubley, #236 "Miniture Remington 44"OR " Miniature Frontier" Civil War Collector's Item...1961....$59.00 Hubley,#237R, "Coyote Gun," Nickel finished, Black handle with cross-hatch, Chased barrel, easy loading. Positive action catch...1958....$75.00
revolvingtargetgun.jpg (62388 bytes)   ricoshaygun.jpg (39393 bytes)
Knickerbocker, #621, "Cork Gun Revolving Target" Plastic and metal with cork bullets...1955....$110.00 Hubley, #279, "Ric-O-Shay", 50 shot repeater, MINT IN BOX SOLD OUT One left in box. Gun looks Mint but hammer does not stay shut and will not fire. Box is mint except for hand written $5.95 in marker ink. $195.00
shortmachingun.jpg (37468 bytes)   stallionshooter.jpg (59212 bytes)
Mattel, #536, "Burp gun" Automatic cap gun, Safe 1 to 50 shots at trigger touch, noisy fire bursts, smoking barrel. All metal working parts. Perforated roll caps....1957....$250.00 Nicholsl, #32 "Stallion 32" Six shooter, round cap, ....1958....$350.00
stalllionshooter2.jpg (30889 bytes)   stalllionshooter3.jpg (33381 bytes)
Nichols, #38, "Stallion 38" Six shooter, metal, plastic grip, round caps that fit in bullets, 6 bullets....1958....$400.00 Nichols 41-40 $500.00 M.I.B.
swivelshot.jpg (30663 bytes)   tankwatergun.jpg (51169 bytes)
Mattel, "Bullet Belt Swivel Shot Trick Holster" trick holsters, swivel shot action, push belt down holster swivels and fires...1958..SOLD OUT No. 75-39 "Tanker Water Gun" Plastic,..Palmer Plastic,Inc., $5.00
threeguns.jpg (46819 bytes)   tommygun.jpg (33597 bytes)
Hubley #210R "Dick Gun" Repeater, nickel, left hand side opens for loading, black handle or silver handle....1958....$65.00 Mattel #548, "Tommy-Burp Cap Gun" Turn crank down for smoking burst or squeeze trigger for single shot, adjustable sharp shooter sight, mechanic tool detail, wood stock and grip, metal firing and loading, perforated roll caps...1958... SOLD OUT
toopergun.jpg (37670 bytes)   trickholster.jpg (30874 bytes)
Hubley, #240R, "Trooper Gun" metal, roll caps...1960...$100.00 and 1970 --- $65.00 Mattel, #588, "Swivel Shot Trick Holster". Trick holster with swivel shot action, push gun down, holster swivels and fires gun in holster. Complete with bullet-loading , 50+cap pistol, nylon draw string...1958...$400.00
wyattgun.jpg (29964 bytes)    
Hubley, #247R, "Wyatt Earp Gun"...1959 MINT gun only and not mint card while they last. $200.00