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OJ.  #4542  "Celluloid Cupie Doll" Arms move---$8.00   OJ Tsahi Toy,"Dancing Couple", Key wind-up, Dolls move around, Celluloid...1946  $65.00
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Irwin, Plastic Wind-Up with key, walks.....$65.00   Model Toy-Japan, "Jolly Penguin" Wind-up, Metal covered in fur, Walks, Head-Mouth_Wings Move.....1952.....$45.00
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Kissing Couple, Plastic, magnetic heads turn to kiss.....$3.00 "Poochy" Plactic dog, cardboard house. Squeeze rubber ball and dog jumps...$50.00
smanimals.jpg (16164 bytes)   huludancer.jpg (24369 bytes)
Rabbits...$10.00 each [paper mache] OJ, Hawaiian Dance Doll, Key wind-up,doll dances...1946...$45.00
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Personality Hand Puppet - Little Black Sambo $300.00   Irwin, No.826, $8.00
baby.jpg (82979 bytes)
Irwin, $35.00