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jaguar_sports_car.jpg   mg_sports_car.jpg
Andy Gard Jaguar Sports Car No.140 "Battery Operated/Remote Control" "Real Glowing Lights" (only two left) M.I.B. $450.00 each   Andy Gard M G Sports Car No.141"BatteryOperated/Remote Control""Real Glowing Lights" (only two left)M.I.B. $450.00 each
Mattel Tricky Trolly 1952 No.457 M.I.B. $95.00    
Rare Collictible Toys   Rare Collictible Toys
Elenee Toys INc.
Speedway Racer #20
(spiral mechanism)
$800.00 MIB (one left)
  Lupor Metal Products #590
Race Master
$500.00 MIB
xp600car.jpg (105879 bytes)   fixitcar.jpg (105557 bytes)
XP-600 No. 3062 Ideals, $235.00, 1955   No. 3058, Ideals Fix-St-Convertible $200.00, 1955
Car_Ferry.jpg (37575 bytes)   car_truck.jpg (12140 bytes)
Eldon: #915 "Car Ferry" 18 Cars Included---$150.00   Seennuco: #12002 or 12011  "Sunrubber Truck", 1940's---$75.00
matchbox_1983.jpg (28742 bytes)   MatchBox_CollectorsCatalog.jpg (29364 bytes)
MatchBox: 1983 Catalog---$1.50   MatchBox: 1982/83 Collector's Catalog---$1.50
Road_Roller.jpg (15277 bytes)   clown_mobile.jpg (23098 bytes)
Hubley: #315 Road Roller Plastic with wood wheels, 1952---$95.00   Mattel: #463 "Clown Mobile" Year:1952. Powerful impact-proof plastic. Motor requires no rewinding or keys.  Just pull clown back and watch car chug across floor.  Body sturdy plastic. Rubber wheels.  4" x 6" x 6"., 1952---$95.00
buddytruck.jpg (32455 bytes)   armytruck.jpg (23602 bytes)

Buddy L, #5628, "Army Transport with shooting Howitzer, pellets, removable trailor, and cover, rubber tires. 1954---$300.00

Buddy L, #5515, "Army Army electric Search-light Repair Truck" Metal w/plastic lights, battery included and rubber tires. 1956---$300.00

brinkscar.jpg (26144 bytes)   farmtractor.jpg (33759 bytes)
Andy Guard, #82 "Brink's Armor Car" Battery Remote Control, forward and backward action.  1956  $95.00 hubley #1472 "Farm Tractor Realistic" engine detail and heavy treaded tires....1964...$95.00
gulfgas.jpg (24529 bytes)   jrtrain.jpg (21554 bytes)
Jane Frances, #749 Gulf Gas Station...Cardboard station, 2 metal trucks, rubber tires in metal rack, metal lift and gas pumps...1946....$750.00 Junior Train Model 2, Metal....1946....$30.00
locomotive.jpg (33390 bytes)   redballtruck.jpg (35738 bytes)
General Molds & Plastic Corp., Andy Geeard, #83-20, "Locomotive" Plastic, battery remote control. Moves forward and backwards....1956.....$50.00 Banner Plastic, #330, "Open Van Trailor" Red Ball Truck, Plastic Cab, door opens. Heavy steel chassis and axles, 6 wheels, chain on rear. Highly lithographed...1952...$200.00
repairtruck.jpg (37640 bytes)   sterringjeep.jpg (18341 bytes)
Ideal, #3019, "Television Repair Truck", Plasic truck w/parts...1954...$200.00 General Molds & Plastic Corp., Andy Gard, #81-20, "Steering Jeep". stir left, right, forward and backward. Battery remote control...1956...$50.00
thunderbolttank.jpg (52660 bytes)   tumbrelcart.jpg (25151 bytes)
Japan's Daisy Mfg., "Thunderbolt Tank", USA4u.....$95.00 Tumbrel Cart...Sold-Out
popsicletruck.jpg (86679 bytes)  
Mattel Mystery Popslick Truck, $200.00  
Stock Cars
Aurora #1418 Camaro "Wild One" Series H.O. Scale M.I.B. Limited Qty. $75.00
Exxon Tractor Trailor
Exxon Toy Tanker Truck 1993 $25.00
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